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Axel House, Exterior Visualisation of Tree Canopy, 3D Render by Ark Visuals


Designed by ArchiBlox

Illustrated by Ark Visuals

Axel House, Exterior Visualization of Sun Soaked Building and Forest Environment, Render by Ark Visuals


The Art of Sustainability

Axel House is the result of combining sustainable design with modern aesthetics. Designed by ArchiBlox, the unique L-Shape design creates what can aptly be described as a framed yard. The two wings extend from a central point framing the resultant space into a neat and well defined garden area. 

The illustrations were created to accentuate these aspects and solidify the idea that rigid design can live harmoniously with the natural world.

World Building for Context

Although the building design is a crucial element of the image, the environment created for this scene was equally as important. In order to establish the atmosphere we wanted for the images, a great deal of care was taken to ensure that the garden and surrounding land was keeping in with the context of ArchiBlox' design ethos.

The general idea was to create a 'wild and unkept' landscape, remnant of a natural paddock. A full terrain sculpt was created to house the building, as well as the garden and tree line surrounding the hero area.


To establish the 'un-kept' look, the landscape was populated with individual grass models that were scattered and placed to emulate natural growth. These were then layered and topped with various debris such as sticks, leaves and weeds to give weight to the terrain.

The surrounding environment was detailed with conifer's as well as general ground shrubbery with a great emphasis on creating a level of unpredictability and depth.

Axel House, Architectural Visualization of Archiblox Building and Natural Garden, Render by Ark Visuals

Balancing Nature and Structure

The unique shape of the Axel design allows for a free form garden to connect the wild lanscape with the harsh distinct lines of the structure.

Axel House, Architectural Visualisation of Archiblox Building with Natural Garden, 3D Render by Ark Visuals

Taming the Wild Gardens

The natural garden that connects the building and the surrounding landscape was modeled to match the overall theme of the images. A separate terrain was sculpted to sit beneath the house and was modeled specifically to cater to the various characteristics of the design.

A free-form garden was ideal for this space, as it allowed the building's edges to shape the perimeter of the garden on two sides. On the adjacent edges, naturally fallen branches were inserted to define the garden boundaries whilst softening the point in which the garden area ends and the wild landscape begins.

This concept made for some beautifully unique images that really captured the idea of sustainable design and construction that ArchiBlox prides themselves on.

Axel House, Visualization of Archiblox design and Natural Garden, 3D Render by Ark Visuals
Axel House, Architectural Visualisation of Tree Canopy with Sun, 3D Render by Ark Visuals

Bringing Ideas to Life

Communicating with Architectural Imagery

The Art of Communication

The images created by Ark Visuals were featured in the ArchiBlox design blog. This article demonstrated the unique characteristics of their "L-Shape" modular designs.

ArchiBlox used the imagery to communicate the Axel Design visually, which provided a solid foundation for their in depth analysis of the design style.

For more information on this article and other ArchiBlox designs, click here!

Archiblox Design Article on Ipad Showing Architecural Visualization by Ark Visuals


Want imagery like this for your next project? Let's work together. Ark Visuals would love to create unique and appealing architectural visualisation for your designs.

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