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The Craftsman, Interior Visualization of Craftsman Style Kitchen Inspired by IKEA Design, 3D Render by Ark Visuals


Design inspired by IKEA

Illustrated by Ark Visuals

The Craftsman, Close up Interior Visualisation of Wooden Kitchen Chair, 3D Render by Ark Visuals


A Celebration of Traditional Architecture

There's something special about traditional craftsman design. The adaptation of Victorian era architecture in the modern world paved the way for a style of architecture that continues to captivate to this day.

'The Craftsman' is a testament to the evolution that traditional craftsman design has taken. It explores all the intricacies and details that come with the style, and aims to capture the grandeur and warmth that the style is associated with.

The Craftsman, Close up Visualization of Kitchen Utensil Storage Inspired by Ikea Design, 3D Render by Ark Visuals
The Craftsman, Close up Visualisation of Kitchen Cabinet Design, Inspired by Ikea Design, Render by Ark Visuals

It's the Little Things...

The Craftsman was a project that allowed allowed the simple details to shine through.

The goal was escape the ultra crisp perfection that has become so common among architectural renders. Ditching the whitened perfection that interiors many interiors portray to instead create something real, something natural.


Emulating the warmth and beauty that the natural afternoon sun provides as it floods through the window brings back a hint of nostalgia. It's a moment that I always cherish when thinking about my childhood home and it was a pleasure to be able to bring this idea to life in the images.

The Craftsman, Interior Visualization of Craftsman Style Kitchen Inspired by IKEA Design, 3D Render by Ark Visuals

Working Against the Grain

Striving for Imperfection

Striving for Imperfection

The exploration of imperfections is something that has always been important to me as a CG artist. To replicate not only the shapes and colours we see in everyday life, but also imperfections that occur.

The many elements that were produced specifically for The Craftsman were done so with this in mind. Every detail was painstakingly planned, no matter how small.

The final result was a culmination of this effort, creating something the not only felt real, but felt familiar.

The Craftsman, Close up 3D Render of Kitchen Tap with Smudges, Visualisation by Ark Visuals
The Craftsman, Close Up Visualization of Range Hood in Kitchen, 3D Render by Ark Visuals

A Homage to Familiarity

Illustrating Life

The Craftsman, Visualisation of Galley Style Kitchen, Inspired by IKEA Design, 3D Render by Ark Visuals

Illustrating Life

It's the little details that bring a building to life, and one could argue that those little intricacies are created by living.

Be it the sun scattering through some dusty plants on the window sill, or the subtle signs of somewhere that's well loved. It's a place of comfort and serenity that welcomes you back and the end of the day.

That's what the Craftsman is all about. Embodying the charm of traditional architecture and the realities of life to tell the story of a place we all love. A place that embraces a little character, and a little mess. A place that's all for you. A place we can call home.


Want imagery like this for your next project? Let's work together. Ark Visuals would love to create unique and appealing architectural visualisation for your designs.

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